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Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) - Skills Training Group

DBT is an evidence-based therapeutic approach for people experiencing a variety of anxiety, depression and personality disorder symptoms including emotional dysregulation, poor impulse control, self-harm, rumination, difficulty focussing on a task and poor interpersonal skills and more. 

When:  25th February 2021 - 29th April 2021

Time: 10am- 1pm

Where: Brighton Lakes Recreation & Golf Club, Brickmakers Drive Moorebank NSW 2170

DBT Skills Training teaches skills in:
- Mindfulness
- Distress Tolerance
- Emotion Regulation
- Interpersonal Effectiveness

The group includes 3 hours of group per week, telephone coaching with a Psychologist, a therapist consult team and handouts/ resources. 

Cost: Medicare rebates are available when referred by your GP for group programs under the Mental Health Care Plan. Contact us for current fees. 

Call Grace Smith, DBT Facilitator, on 8798 7082 or email for more information and to book. ​